By Sandie Rhodes,
Donohue Motorsports

BONNEVILLE AUGUST 12, 2014 – Jack Donohue, among others, was poised to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats, when word came that the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) had to cancel their Speedweek event set to start on Aug. 9 due to heavy rains flooding the entire salt flat area. This was to have been the 100th anniversary of Speedweek and marks the first time the event has not been held.

Donohue, a professional racecar builder and former NASCAR driver, had put some time and expertise into the construction of his 8N Ford tractor that he calls his “8NCREDIBLE,” was more than ready to break a speed record of 67 miles an hour set on the salt back in 1935 by famed land speed racer and former Salt Lake City mayor, Ab Jenkins.

“As disappointed as I am,“ said Donohue, “I really feel for the racers that  had their equipment shipped from around the world to compete at Bonneville this year. Everyone wanted to be there, especially with it being the 100tn anniversary of the event.”

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