By Stephen Moore
Donohue Motorsports

WENDOVER, UT OCTOBER 2014 - Heavy rains and high winds have sidelined  the Bonneville Salt Flats World Finals Event (scheduled to run Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 2014),  along with Jack Donohue’s 2014 “8NCREDIBLE”  record attempt.

The annual fall event was forced to cancel along with SCTA’s (Southern California Timing Association’s) hopes for the addition of a “Speedweek” to this year’s event to make up for the flooding related cancellation of the 100th anniversary Speedweek that was scheduled in mid August.

The Bonneville Salt Flats Speedway is located in western Utah on Nevada line, approximately 120 miles west of Salt Lake City and weather here can be very unpredictable. “I hoped this wouldn’t happen, but it is what it is. The weather in this area can be iffy, especially in the fall,” Donohue said. “The World Finals event is sometimes hit with the odd rain shower, but usually only causes the postponement of competition for a day or two. This year has been a real disappointment for land speed racers. This is the second time this year that Mother Nature has run us off.”

A sign erected by SCTA a the Speedway entrance after the cancellation summed it up … “SEE YOU IN 2015”