By Carrie Greene

Donohue’s 8NCREDIBLE Eclipse’s the 100 Mile per Hour Mark . New Record : 101.1691!

Former NASCAR Cup Series driver Jack Donohue and his famed Ford flathead V8 powered 8N farm tractor dubbed the “8NCREDIBLE" returned to Wilmington Ohio’s famed “Ohio Mile” and Donohue promptly topped his own World Record Land Speed run of 96.3185 miles per hour set here in September 2015 .  On his very first pass, Donohue ran an astonishing 101.1691 miles per hour, exceeding his previous record by close to 5 mph! 

Donohue captured attention around the world in 2015, when he eclipsed Ab Jenkin’s World Tractor Land Speed Record of 67.677 mph set on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah, in 1935. Jenkin’s record stood unchallenged for 80 years.

“We had hoped to do this in Bonneville on Ab’s home turf, Donohue said after his run. But unpredictable weather conditions have caused the cancelation of the annual Land Speed events out there two years running . It’s over 4,000 miles for us to tow there and back and that can be very costly, especially if you get rained out when you get there."

When asked what his future plans are with his beloved little 8N Ford Donohue said,  “since last year when we set our first record, I have been slammed with requests to appear with the 8NCREDIBLE at fairs, trade shows, farm machinery and agricultural events. Looks like we have a full-time job right now,  just getting everywhere with it." 

Asked if he plans to race the 8NCREDIBLE again:  “Sure, if somebody comes along and breaks my record, then I’d have to fire ‘er back up and do a little something about that!" Donohue said with a with a wide grin and a twinkle in his eye.