By Carrie Greene

Donohue’s 8NCREDIBLE Eclipse’s the 100 Mile per Hour Mark . New Record : 101.1691!

Former NASCAR Cup Series driver Jack Donohue and his famed Ford flathead V8 powered 8N farm tractor dubbed the “8NCREDIBLE" returned to Wilmington Ohio’s famed “Ohio Mile” and Donohue promptly topped his own World Record Land Speed run of 96.3185 miles per hour set here in September 2015 .  On his very first pass, Donohue ran an astonishing 101.1691 miles per hour, exceeding his previous record by close to 5 mph! 

Donohue captured attention around the world in 2015, when he eclipsed Ab Jenkin’s World Tractor Land Speed Record of 67.677 mph set on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Wendover, Utah, in 1935. Jenkin’s record stood unchallenged for 80 years.

“We had hoped to do this in Bonneville on Ab’s home turf, Donohue said after his run. But unpredictable weather conditions have caused the cancelation of the annual Land Speed events out there two years running . It’s over 4,000 miles for us to tow there and back and that can be very costly, especially if you get rained out when you get there."

When asked what his future plans are with his beloved little 8N Ford Donohue said,  “since last year when we set our first record, I have been slammed with requests to appear with the 8NCREDIBLE at fairs, trade shows, farm machinery and agricultural events. Looks like we have a full-time job right now,  just getting everywhere with it." 

Asked if he plans to race the 8NCREDIBLE again:  “Sure, if somebody comes along and breaks my record, then I’d have to fire ‘er back up and do a little something about that!" Donohue said with a with a wide grin and a twinkle in his eye.  

With an official speed of 96.3185 miles per hour, the title of Fastest Farm Tractor in the World belongs to the 1952 Ford 8N Flathead V8 powered tractor known as the 8NCREDIBLE.

The tractor was built and driven by former NASCAR driver and Fletcher resident Jack Donohue. The Ford Flathead V8 engine was a dealer add-on option in ’51 and ’52 8N tractors.

The previous world speed record was set by David Abbot “Ab” Jenkins, former Salt Lake City mayor and renowned Bonneville Salt Flats land speed racer. His 1932 Allis Chalmers Model U farm tractor clocked 67.667 mph, a speed record that went unchallenged for 81 years.

Donohue shattered Jenkins’ record on a concrete landing strip in Wilmington, Ohio, known as the “Ohio Mile.” Spectators amused at the sight of a farm tractor showing up for the Land Speed Record competition, and became wildly supportive when they learned that Donohue was there to take the word tractor speed record.

Donohue’s 8NCREDIBLE is the world’s only farm tractor officially certified to compete in the Land Speed Record Competition, a competition that began in 1898. Jenkins and Donohue are the only people to compete on farm tractors.

Donohue originally wanted to take the world tractor title on Jenkins’ home turf – the Booneville Salt Flats – but severe weather canceled racing at the western Utah speedway for two years in a row. Both Wilmington and Bonneville speedways are officially timed and sanctioned by the land speed record authority.

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FLETCHER, NORTH CAROLINA – A farm tractor has been entered in the august 2015 Bonneville Speed Week in Wendover, Utah. A 1952 ford 8N dubbed the 8NCREDIBLE, built by Jack Donohue of Fletcher, NC, will be the first farm tractor to compete at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats … in 80 years.

Daddy Warbucks and ten cent gas

Little Orphan Annie and Daddy Warbucks were on the radio in 1935 and gas was ten cents a gallon when an Allis Chalmers model U farm tractor, shod with Firestone tires and driven by land speed legend Ab. Jenkins, crossed the Bonneville salt at a blistering 67.877 miles-per-hour. Press members that were present to record the event were stunned by what they had just witnessed. “What a sight that must have been,” Donohue said. “Never mind a tractor. Back then, very few cars out on the road could go that fast.”

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By Stephen Moore - Donohue Motorsports

WILMINGTON, OHIO - A 1952 Ford 8N series farm tractor, dubbed the “8NCREDIBLE,” stunned those on hand Sunday at Wilmington Ohio’s Airborne Park when it roared to a final round top speed of 96.3185 miles per hour. The tractor, driven by Fletcher, NC’s Jack Donohue, is the first to ever compete at an East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) sanctioned land speed record event.

The sanctioned event is one of four held annually on the commercial landing strip located southeast of the town of Wilmington Ohio. This event drew over 150 competitors from across the USA and Canada. Donohue’s 63-year-old tractor, powered by a 1953 Ford flathead V8, was originally prepared at Donohue’s Western North Carolina facility.

Jack Donohue Motorsports’ goal was to challenge a farm tractor speed record of 67.677 MPH in Bonneville, UT set by Salt Flat Land Speed ace, Ab. Jenkins in 1935.

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By Stephen Moore
Donohue Motorsports

WENDOVER, UT OCTOBER 2014 - Heavy rains and high winds have sidelined  the Bonneville Salt Flats World Finals Event (scheduled to run Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 2014),  along with Jack Donohue’s 2014 “8NCREDIBLE”  record attempt.

The annual fall event was forced to cancel along with SCTA’s (Southern California Timing Association’s) hopes for the addition of a “Speedweek” to this year’s event to make up for the flooding related cancellation of the 100th anniversary Speedweek that was scheduled in mid August.

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